Quality Freight UK has significantly increased its cranage capability at its main operation at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, UK. The company has invested over £700,000 in acquiring a Fuchs MHL390 crane.

The latest addition will complement QF UK’s other cranes — a MHL360 wheeled crane based at its Ellesmere Port terminal, a Liebherr 150 and an RHL340 tracked crane.

The new Fuchs MHL390 is capable of handling over 400 metric tonnes per hour on cargoes.

Sebastian Gardiner, managing director of Quality Freight UK, said: “This significant further investment in the business will achieve a number of objectives. It will allow us to increase bulk volumes in the port, allow multi-vessel working and enhance customer service through faster vessel turnaround.

“We have seen volumes increase by over 20% during the past 12 months and are extremely confident about business prospects moving into 2018.

“Adding this new Fuchs crane to our fleet was therefore a natural next step, increasing cranage at Ellesmere Port and future-proofing QF UK’s handling capabilities.”

The investment also enables QF UK to maximize the usage of its mobile cranes at client sites.

The company’s MHL360 and RHL340 are regularly moved at short notice to locations across the North West of England. This has included loading bulk ships from the INEOS terminal in Runcorn.

A spokesman for DB Cargo, which has utilized the RHL340 to discharge trains in St Helens, said: “The adaptability provided by using the QF mobile crane service has allowed us to deliver business we would otherwise not have been able to service.”

The new mobile crane service forms part of the total logistics service provided by QF UK. The company has the ability to offer clients support across sea, road, rail and air.

Gardiner said: “Some companies are tapping into our mobile crane capability as a standalone service, while others are choosing to integrate it as part of a much wider logistics solution.”

In addition to its 40-acre multi-modal facility in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, the Quality Freight Group has bases in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Knock, Hull, Chatham and Rotterdam.