In recognition of its unique ability to ‘reverse engineer’ existing installations, the UK’s Royal Navy has named PSM as a primary supplier of tank level instrumentation to their surface warship and support vessel fleet.

PSM has worked with the Navy for decades and in that time has delivered some inspired solutions based around the ICT 1000 level and Tankstar 260 pressure and level transmitters, to replace existing products obsoleted by other suppliers.

By developing these bespoke products, PSM is saving the Navy additional expense that would normally be incurred by modifying tank and cable installations to accept another design of transmitter. Extended and lengthy project lead times that can add cost and complexity to refit projects have also been avoided.

The obsoleting of hydrostatic level and pressure transmitters is becoming a common issue faced by many end users, who are being left with insufficient customer service and delivery, or without the ability to directly replace or repair failed products. PSM is increasingly helping customers to solve this problem by offering new transmitters that are mechanically and electrically equivalent to the failed OEM items.

Both the ICT 1000 and Tankstar 260 are available with a full range of process connections and fixing, based on common competitors’ part numbers, to ensure the appropriate options are specified. Custom constructed connections and mounting fixtures are also available.

“We’re delighted to be recognized by the Royal Navy as a key supplier and solutions provider,” said Mark Jones, PSM Sales Director.“They are just one customer who have been affected by other suppliers’ obsolete products and we are only too happy to assist.We look forward to working with them and all others who we can help with a rapid and economical solution for maintenance and repair projects.”