Whatever the type or size of vessel, PSM now offers a one stop shop for tank gauging solutions. From a single switch to complete systems, PSM’s extensive range of level and pressure transmitters have been quality certified and carry international type approvals for use in ballast, fuel, draught and all service tanks.

Compatible with fuel oil, lubricants, hydraulic fluid and bilge or ballast water, they have been globally proven in all types and classes of commercial and military vessels to withstand the harshest of marine environments.

Incorporating software that provides both local visual indications and centralized alarm display for control of all tanks, PSM’s gauging solutions include the measurement of:

  • ship’s trim and list;
  • ship’s draught;
  • cargo level and volume;
  • cargo overpressure and vacuum;
  • waste water/oil overfill;
  • ballast tank level;
  • bunker fuel oil levels;
  • day tank fuel levels; and
  • bilge and void space levels.

As an international specialist in marine instrumentation, PSM’s primary focus is to create marine level measurement equipment and systems that enable vessels to operate efficiently and reliably, and comply with safety and environmental regulations. Working worldwide alongside ship designers, owners and operators, maintenance and repair companies to understand their specific tank level measurement needs PSM aims to deliver the best possible technical solution. In addition to tank gauging equipment, this includes water ingress and alarm systems to protect bulk carriers and oil discharge monitoring systems.


Established for over 30 years, PSM Instrumentation is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced marine control instrumentation and marine protection systems for the marine transportation industry. PSM offers a range of application solutions for designers, shipbuilders and end-users, to ensure vessels operate efficiently and reliably and are compliant with legal, safety and environmental regulations. Main application solutions include:


  • ClearView: award-winning monitoring and control systems for oily water separators, oil record book automation and bunker fuel management;
  • TankView: marine tank level monitoring and supervision systems for ballast, cargo, service and bunker fuel oil tanks; and
  • BulkSafe: water ingress detection systems and water level alarm systems to protect bulk carriers in accordance with SOLAS regulations PSM products carry all required type approvals from the main leading marine societies, in addition to many country specific approval standards. PSM is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.