Barrier foil gusseted sacks comprising PET/ALU/OPA/PE provide the ultimate water vapour and oxygen barrier for moisturesensitiveproducts. Theywill also prevent flavour loss, odour transfer, ingress of ultra violet light, mould and fungi growth and colour deterioration.

The major benefits include superior tear and puncture resistance, and the ability to store outdoors if required. The sacks are hermetically sealed, eliminating stitching or gluing. They can also be supplied with a one-way de- gassing valve which allows the removal of excess air to improve pallet stability and also allows any build-up of gases that may be released by the packaged product to vent thus equalizing the internal and external pressure and preventing bags from bursting. This valve will automatically open, vent and close again without allowing any moisture or oxygen from entering the sack.

To meet the needs of today’s increasing move to 25Kg bags being formed, filled and sealed automatically on vertical and horizontal FFS equipment, the appropriate aluminium

laminates are available as roll stock, in the required width and length and with the required surface energy characteristics suitable for this type of equipment. Material can be supplied printed or unprinted.

Many companies are enjoying the benefits of switching to barrier foil 25kg sacks and industries include food ingredients and flavours, polymers, resins, pigments and animal feeds.