Port of Pori Ltd is a limited liability company that offers regional rental, vessel-, crane-and conveyor services. Port of Pori Ltd consists of a total of three terminals, including Mäntyluoto harbour, Tahkoluoto deep harbour and Tahkoluoto liquid bulk and chemicals harbour. The depth of the Tahkoluoto deep harbour fairway is 15.3m, which is one of the deepest in Finland and allows even Panamax and Capesize-ships operations in the deep harbour quay. Very short navigation along with the easiest winter conditions in the area allow safe arrival at all of Pori’s terminals along its excellent fairways.
The port of Pori's traffic and operations focus especially on dry and liquid bulk goods, metal processing products and raw materials, recycling economy products and green energy cargoes. That’s also why its near future main investments support precisely these traffic flows.
The new automatic bulk terminal which is under construction in Tahkoluoto and all the related investments in field areas, rails, etc. port infrastructure, will now be completed in this summer and will contribute to strengthening the port of Pori's position as a major port for Russian bulk transit traffic. At the same time, the electrification of the railway to Tahkoluoto will also be completed, after which the transport of goods along the entire journey from the Russian border to the port of Pori can be carried out in a more environ­mentally friendly and economical way by electric locomotives. For Mäntyluoto harbour, the electrification of the railway was already completed a year ago.
The plans published at the end of last year to build a new vanadium recovery plant in Tahkoluoto will also create new business in the area and contribute to increasing the volume of traffic processed through the port.
There are also plans to start the construction of a new pier with a 12m draught, with additional field storage areas still in this spring in the Mäntyluoto harbour, Kallonlahti quay. These new areas also offer opportunities for the construction of additional warehouses at parade sites near the new pier.
This project of Kallonlahti 2 will be an integral part of completely new process for concentrates handling and warehousing. The aim is to create, in co-operation with the respective customer and port operator, the most modern and efficient concentrates-discharging system in Europe. The latest crane purchase in the autumn of 2019 was also largely carried out with this traffic in mind, when another LHM 550 mobile crane was acquired for the port of Pori. The Port of Pori now has the strongest port cranes in Finland with a common capacity of up to 250–280 tonnes as tandem lift.
The port is also investing in its liquid bulk terminal, where there are plans to deepen the fairway to 12m and build a new berth to replace present Dolphin- structure pier. In this way, both the safety and the efficiency of the port’s booming liquid bulk operations will be significantly increased.
At the same time, the port is also investing in the safety and environmental friendliness of the port. There is a lot of wind power and an LNG terminal in the area, where the port can offer, for example, decreased port service fees for vessels that are bunkering LNG at its chemical berth. An upgrade of the regional lighting of our port has also begun, with the aim of replacing the lighting in all the port regions with new energy-efficient LED lamps.
The Port of Pori’s large-scale investment projects further improve its capacity and ability to better handle not only its existing cargoes, but also new future cargo flows. All kinds of dry bulk industry and cargoes will remain in its main focus and therein also lies its best know-how and facilities.