The Port of Longview in the USA has been in discussion with potential customers to handle biomass cargoes at its Berth 2 dry bulk facility. With the worldwide boom in biomass use — and distribution — the port plans to be ready to diversify.

The Port of Longview’s Business Development Manager, Laurie Nelson-Cooley, says: “We have been discussing the possibility of biomass exports out of Longview with several developers who have interest in white pellets or torrefied pellets for Asian markets.We have not added any new infrastructure for future exports. However, Bridgeview Terminal is an excellent opportunity.

Bridgeview Terminal, an export bulk facility that is capable of handling unit trains of cargo direct to ship is the most natural fit for immediate shipments. Current cargoes shipped out of Bridgeview Terminal are soda ash, bentonite clay, and talc. The facility has the capabilities of washdowns between cargo types to eliminate cross-contamination. The biggest challenge of this facility is the lack of on-site storage. There is space for silos or domes to be built, but the business needs to be in place to support the capital expenditure needed. Overall there are great opportunities in Longview to handle this cargo in the future.”