The Port of Longview was recently awarded the Partnership Award from Maritime Fire and Safety Association (MFSA) in recognition of the port’s impact in advancing emergency response and preparedness in the region.

The port participated in Command Training in September, as well in an Oil Spill Response Preparedness Commit- tee. Additionally, Port representatives spoke at and attended the Fire Protection Agencies Advisory Council (FPAAC) Summit and provided tours of Port facilities and vessels throughout the year.

“The Port of Longview has played a crucial role in educating first responders on the intricacies of Port operations,” said Don Doyle, who is the Fire Protection Agency Advisory Council (FPAAC) Training Coordinator, as well as a Lieutenant at the Longview Fire Department. “The Port has been instrumental in preparedness for first responders in the region.”

The MFSA Partnership Awards Program has been implemented to recognize both MFSA members and outside organizations who have shared in the goal of making MFSA “the leading provider and advocate of safe, environmentally responsible, and cost- effective response services to commercial vessels in the Columbia Willamette River Marine Transportation System.”