On 17 February 2015 the Supervisory Board of the PGA SA approved the decision of the Management Board of PGA SA to close the tender for the lease of the real estate located behind the container terminal DCT Gdansk. Following this, on 21 May this year, The Treasury agreed to the conclusion of the lease contract.

The company that won the tender is PAGO Sp. z o.o. — a specialist in the comprehensive logistics of frozen products, which over the course of
several years has consistently pursued a strategy to expand national distribution networks.

The development of this area of over 4 hectares located in close proximity to the largest Baltic container terminal DCT Gdansk is a considered solution. PAGO is in fact a company serving both domestic producers of frozen products and international trade networks.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services from the storage of frozen goods, their packaging and then their transportation to the final recipient. At present PAGO owns a network of modern cold-storage units located near Warsaw, Poznan, Katowice as well as in Northern Poland around 70km from Gdansk — in Lebork.

Soon PAGO will own a second unit in the north of our country designed for handling frozen cargo — a new cold-storage unit located in the area of the Port of Gdansk. Such an enterprise is an ideal match for the port’s development strategy aimed at the transformation of the Port of Gdansk as an important link a special emphasis on the creation of in global supply chains, with so-called the added value based on handling-processing capacity.

Thus, at the Port of Gdansk, in addition to the North Atlantic Producers Organisation’s cold- storage unit already functioning in the WOC, there will be another modern warehouse facility designed for the professional storage of frozen goods, providing comprehensive FMCG logistics services. This project will be an ideal complement to the concept of transforming the Port of Gdansk into one of the most important logistics hubs and a key distribution centre on the Baltic.