Franc¸ois Lambert has just joined the Port of Dunkirk as Director of Finance/Purchasing and General Services.

Formerly Councillor for the Sea, Overseas Territories, Ports and Waterway Transport at the State Secretariat for Transport, the Sea and Fisheries, since May 2012 Franc¸ois Lambert has worked in turn with both Fre´de´ric Cuvillier and Alain Vidalies on many topical national documents, including the national ports recovery strategy.

Originally a qualified Shipping Master, before this experience in the Minister’s office he had also worked at Boulogne-sur-Mer, within the sea and coastal delegation of the Regional Directorate of Marine Districts from August 2010 to May 2012.

At Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque, Franc¸ois Lambert will lead a team of 37 people and four departments. The goals of this new directorship will be to define the purchasing and market policies, the financial and budgetary guidelines in relation to strategy, the policy on revenue, and general services.