After 25 years as CEO of Antwerp Port Authority, Eddy Bruyninckx has been raised to the nobility by H.M. the king of Belgium with the rank of baron. In Belgium the title of baron or baroness is reserved for those who have made a notable contribution in a particular sector. In the case of port boss Eddy Bruyninckx, his unremitting efforts on behalf of the Port of Antwerp over many years, helping to defend and develop its solid N° 2 position in Europe and top 15 in the world, have led to him being awarded the title of baron along with seven other Belgians.

Port Authority chairman Marc van Peel congratulated Bruyninckx on being raised to the nobility:“Eddy Bruyninckx has performed countless valuable services for the port over the 25 years that he has been in charge. Under his direction the port has developed a very strong performance. This resulted last year in a record freight volume of more than 208 million tonnes, and this year too the port is on the way to a new record.”

The three foundations on which the port is based — maritime transhipment, logistics storage and industrial activities — have all become more and more important over the past 25 years. “The Port of Antwerp has developed into a major logistics hub,” explains Van Peel. “In the industrial sector too the port landscape has undergone great changes, witness the numerous large investments in the chemical and petrochemical cluster and the strong growth in handling of liquid bulk. In the container sector Antwerp has become the undisputed N° 2 in Europe, with a volume of well over 9 million TEU last year. But as CEO Eddy Bruyninckx will give credit first and foremost to the 150,000 people who work directly or indirectly for the port of Antwerp.”

Eddy Bruyninckx (65) is due to retire at the end of 2016. “As CEO he has demonstrated that he is able to build bridges. As such this title of nobility is justified recognition for his work,” Van Peel concluded.

Baron Eddy Bruyninckx will be succeeded as CEO of Antwerp Port Authority by Jacques Vandermeiren with effect from 1 January 2017.