Port Canaveral’s deep water container and multi-purpose cargo berths make it an economical and convenient ocean gateway for cargo into Florida and beyond.  The port has the experience, equipment and facilities to handle a variety of cargoes including bulk, containers, break-bulk, roll on/roll off (Ro/Ro), and project.  Our facilities include: 10 deep water berths; to handle all types of cargo.

Port Canaveral is located directly on the main shipping lanes along the East Coast of Florida which is ideally suited for short sea shipping.  Port Canaveral's Harbor is just one hour from sea buoy to dock providing easy transit and no air restrictions for carriers, while allowing for highly efficient routing and reduced vessel costs. 

Port Canaveral is the ideal gateway to Central Florida, the 10th largest market in the United States, with an uncongested nonstop highway connection allowing your cargo to reach the high demand consumer markets, such as the Greater Orlando area, as well as the Southeastern United States.

Nearly four million tons of dry and liquid bulk cargo are handled annually at Port Canaveral, including petroleum, aggregates, cement, salt, sand, and slag. Facilities feature a 2,800 foot aggregate conveyer system with a discharge rate of 2,200 tons per hour. Special storage facilities are available for cement, slag and petroleum.

Port Canaveral’s North and South piers offer secure, well-lighted open-air storage, most less than 100 feet from dock to point of rest. Each cargo receives the attention of experts who customise their approach to handling the varied goods, which historically include steel, boats, frozen juice concentrate, lumber, wood pulp, newsprint, perishables, automobiles, heavy equipment and project cargoes.
With unique local aerospace programmes, a diverse manufacturing community and a growing regional population, project cargoes through the port include everything from specialised industrial machinery to aerospace components to massive defence-related items. Two shore cranes, in addition to the 40 metric-tonne-capacity mobile harbour crane are available for project cargo. The port’s expert team handles large to small, high-value specialised items including power plant transformers, space vehicles and payloads, floating docks, yachts, generators, communication buoys and wind turbines.