(Photo courtesy of Pilbara Ports Authority)
The world’s largest bulk export port authority, Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA), has released its 2019/20 Annual Report.
The report provides an overview of PPA’s strong financial and operational performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as emerging trade developments such as the establishment of an LNG bunkering hub in the Pilbara which play a significant role in the shipping industry producing lower emissions.
In April 2020, PPA issued Australia’s first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering service licences to Woodside Energy for the ports of Dampier and Port Hedland. PPA CEO Roger Johnston said the licences recognise the ongoing commitment by PPA to achieving sustainability of the ports.
“The LNG bunkering hub not only captures the benefits of changing fuels to be more environmentally friendly, but also creates up to 125 jobs in the Pilbara, including skilled mariners and support administration. This is great news for the Pilbara and WA,” Mr Johnston said.
“The licences with Woodside Energy are the first of their kind in Australia, and are a significant step towards establishing an LNG bunkering hub for bulk vessels in the Pilbara.
“The development of the hub shows our commitment to work to align our operations with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals,” he said.
The Annual Report also details PPA’s financial and operational performance, with more than 17 000 safe vessel movements across PPA ports with a record total annual throughput of 717.2 million t.
It also recorded a profit before income tax of AUS$188.1 million, with a dividend of AUS$111.9 million which will be returned to the State Government in December.
Mr Johnston said the ports of the Pilbara have been able to report the strong results in a challenging environment.
“Pilbara Ports Authority has continued to focus on operating safely and reliably in 2019/20, adapting operations where needed, and maintaining a strong commitment to health, safety and wellbeing that extends to everyone in the port community.
“In what has been a challenging and uncertain time during the COVID-19 pandemic, PPA’s results underpin the critical role of the Pilbara region to the State and national economies, and the importance placed on PPA to facilitate the ports’ supply chains,” Mr Johnston said.
The Annual Report is available online here.