Predicted 130% increase in cargo at Sheerness over the next 20 years

Port has the potential to create 1,250 new jobs in the maritime sector by 2034

Peel Ports will announce long-term expansion plans at the Port of Sheerness, as part of a Master Plan detailing a 20 year strategy for growth at its busiest southern port.

The Port of Sheerness Master Plan details Peel Ports’ strategy for the sustainable expansion of the Port, including improvements in transportation and access as well as increased socio-economic benefits for the region. The Master Plan explains how the Port is proposing to meet emerging new business opportunities, by illustrating the physical improvements needed at the Port over the next 20 years. 

Sheerness is already a key commercial port for the South East of the UK, handling around 1.3million tonnes of cargo every year. Industry forecasts show that this figure could increase by as much as 130% over the next 20 years, enabling the Port to handle 3.1million tonnes of cargo a year - making it an even greater centre of economic significance for the UK’s logistics industry.

Today, the Port of Sheerness supports 660 jobs across a range of sectors including marine and waterside operations, cargo handling, business management and administration.

If Peel Ports realises its ambition to create a rail freight link from Sheerness to the Port of Liverpool for transportation of new motor vehicles for export and import, the Port could account for around 1,250 direct, indirect and induced jobs by 2034.

Peel Ports’ 20 year Master Plan is not a statutory document but it is vital in helping to ‘future proof’ the Port of Sheerness, to enable it to expand sustainably and remain a key investor and employer for the region.

The Plan identifies the amount of land needed to accommodate the port’s growth and explains how investment in new facilities will serve the  growing  steel, forest products and automotive sectors and allow for the upgrade of the port’s existing infrastructure. Peel Ports are also continuing to explore opportunities within the renewable energy sector. 

Miles Hearn, Port Director of the Port of Sheerness, said: “The production of the Master Plan is important, as it is part of our strategic commitment to develop and grow the Port of Sheerness over the next 20 years. It reflects Peel Ports’ long-term ambition to remain a key employer and driver for sustainable growth in the Swale region.”

Over the next six weeks, Peel Ports will discuss the Master Plan with the public, asking for their views on five options for growth.

Miles added: “We want to involve the public in shaping these plans. Public consultation events are an opportunity to engage with the local community and answer any questions they may have about the Master Plan. It is also a chance to hear their feedback and we welcome any contributions to the future of the Port of Sheerness.”