In Brazil, the port of Pece´m has received a brand-new iron-ore ship unloader, which will be used by the Pece´m Steel Company (CSP) and meets terms and conditions previously agreed between the government and the new port operator. The delivery of the crane to the port was undertaken in partnership with the manufacturer Tenova.

According to the Secretary of State for infrastructure, Andre´ Faco´, “The port of Pecem has shown to be one of the best-prepared terminals in the country, having demonstrated an operational competence in receiving the unloader.”

The new unloader, which weighs 2,000 tonnes and is almost 40 metres high, will be deployed at Berth 2 on Pier 1. There, it will unload ships directly onto a takeaway conveyor, with consignments transported some 9km to Sector 1 of the Pece´m Port Industrial Complex (CIPP).

“This is a historic operation,” said Faco´. “We have never received any equivalent of this size before. The success of the operation confirms the competence of the team that operates the terminal at Pece´m.”

The port already has in place a continuous ship-unloader for coal, which uses conveyor screw technology. The new unloader is similar, although uses bucket lift technology, which helps to avoid spillage and the release of unwanted emissions. It will make use of quay rails and can discharge up to 2,400 tonnes of iron ore per hour. Once in operation, it is expected to handle around five million tonnes of iron ore annually.

Barry Cross