Dry bulk stevedore Ovet offers a high level of quality in all its services at its terminals in the ports of Vlissingen (Flushing) and Terneuzen. It is able to unload dry bulk cargo at a rate of 70,000 tonnes a day using its four floating cranes. Almost all of the company’s equipment is mobile, enabling it to provide highly flexibile service to all its customers.

Handling cargo that is sticky and with a high moisture content can be problematic. Ovet has found a solution to this problem, and is able to blend and grind these cargoes.

Ovet’s innovative solution involves the use of a mobile conveyor belt with two bunkers. In the second bunker, a grinding machine is installed. By means of a small crane, the grinding machine is provided with ‘sludge’ material. The grinded sludge falls on the belt and is blended with dry, high quality material coming out of the first bunker.

The homogeneity of the blend has been improved by using this new installation.This simplifies and improves the process of the transport system and in general of the train loader.