Environment, productivity, and profitability are at the heart of every industry; there are many alternatives to choose from that are either short or long-term on the market. Standard Industrie International offers a wide range of bulk handling solutions, quality products, advanced technology with over forty years of experience as a key partner providing long-term and effective solutions for today’s market.

Standard Industrie International solutions can help plants with grain handling and storage issues to optimize the performance of their production tools while reducing their operating and maintenance costs.

An illustration of Standard Industries’ solutions is shown with the following projects carried out in the agricultural industry:

Improving the flow of product from the hopper with AIRCHOC®

Standard Industrie installed two AIRCHOC® air cannons on each of ten hoppers with balanced food for cows in a food production plant in Mexico.

What was this customer’s problem?

The mixture for the cow’s feed that contains maize, sorghum, grass, flour, nutrients, soybean paste and mineral salts, caused flow problems in the storage hoppers. If this mixture remains more than eight hours or one night inside the hopper, the morning after it is very difficult to extract the mixture. The cows have to eat at specific times to gain the necessary weight; if they don’t eat at the correct times, the process of selection and fattening takes longer and costs more. Indeed the cow spends more time in the farmyard than expected before being slaughtered. Another important point is that if the cows don’t eat on time, it causes stress which is not good for the quality of the meat. The cows should remain relaxed all the time for the taste and the softness of the meat. The company’s main activity is export of premium meat, and the food plant is an important part of the process in order to get good meat.

Each hopper has two outlets. So Standard Industrie installed one air cannon per outlet and now the customer does not face any more ratholing or bridging in the hoppers and the cows eat on time.

Why is the AIRCHOC® solution efficient?

Ninety-three per cent of clogging or concretion problems in silos and hoppers cause a total shutdown of production. Airchoc® prevents 100% of manual intervention accidents on clogging issues in storage units. Since Standard Industrie filed for the patent for the air cannon system in 1978, more than 50,000 Airchoc® have been sold in 90 countries.

Unclog flour in silos with GIRONET®

Standard Industrie International was contacted by its customer, which specializes in pig breeding, because the customer wanted to clean clogged silos and reduce flour dead stock. The clogging of the flour created ratholing issues on more than six 25-metre-wide silos.

Safety is essential for the customer, which is why the GIRONET® was of interest. Standard Industrie’s team carried out a cleaning intervention during several days on site with an engineer in order to make the clogged flour blocks fall from different silos with a certified ATEX GIRONET®.

The flour was very old, and the contact with humidity made it really hard. The client was very impressed by the manoeuvrability, the safety and the efficiency of the GIRONET®.

Why is the GIRONET® solution efficient?

Standard Industrie’s intervention team introduced the Gironet into the silo. The GIRONET®, thanks to the rotation of the brass chains (ATEX certifications – NFPA), make the material fall out of the silo.

Improving the loading of grains with LIFTUBE®

Standard Industrie International equipped its agro-food customer in France with eight metres of LIFTUBE® ATEX and one-metre of hopper hood and antistatic lateral curtain

What were this customer’s problems?

* product loss;

* dust emission;

* high height chute; and

* belt mist racking.

Since the LIFTUBE® installation, no cleaning has been planned for this area, no more mistracking, after loading 30,000 tonnes of product, the height of the chute is completely compensated for by the consignment. 

Why is the LIFTUBE® solution efficient?

The LIFTUBE® is an efficient solution developed by Standard Industrie International in order to optimize the sealing of conveyor belts, and to improve their safety.

The patented system ensures significant reductions of dust emissions and spillage, improvement of maintenance service, safety of the workers. The LIFTUBE® is designed for rubber belts up to 54’’ width and can support material up to 572°F with particle size up to 20’’.

Main advantages:

* Modular: adaptable on existing or new conveyor, can fit on all or part of the conveyor.

* Safety: a complete protection of pinch points avoiding any physical contact with the belt. Moreover, reduction of dust emission improves health, safety and working conditions for the employees.

* Environment: drastic reduction of dust at the transfer points and chutes areas.

* Maintenance: tilting glide-boards and tilting idlers, easy access for quick maintenance without dismantling the entire structure.

* Payback/cost efficiency: reducing the loss of added value product or raw materials, LIFTUBE® allows a quick ROI as it doesn’t need a major transformation of existing conveyor design.


LIFTUBE® is also available for ATGEX rated-zone, food-grade and self-extinguishing options.

The Standard Industrie International range of solutions is extensive, and covers any cleaning or optimizing need for existing failing conveyors.