Photo : Left to right: Alexandra Ruiz (Le Havre Seine Development), Gangfeng Cai and Alexis Noyer (NOVA MET), Emmanuel Ludot (HAROPA PORT | Le Havre, Director, Port Industrial Zone Transformation)
NOVA MET, the fruit of an alliance between two actors in the metals recycling industry, is now setting up its secondary aluminium production site in the Le Havre port area.
NOVA MET is a specialist in the collection and recycling of aluminium scrap. It has now signed a land use agreement with HAROPA PORT and in January 2022 will be starting up its recycled aluminium purification and preparation operations. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and is a highly favoured material in the transport, construction, packaging, engineering sectors. Stocks of available aluminium are constantly expanding. The “recycled aluminium” sector is a source of growth and sustainable innovation both nationally and internationally.
NOVA MET’s activities are fully aligned with HAROPA PORT’s core strategic goals for the implementation and support of a transition to low-carbon operations in all sectors of activity, in addition to assistance for circular economy models.
By 2023 at its 20,000 sq.m. facility in Rogerville, NOVA MET aims to collect, purify and cold-refine 2,500 tonnes of aluminium every month.
In choosing to base its treatment lines in Le Havre, NOVA MET intends to take advantage of its strategic location at the Le Havre site of HAROPA PORT, France’s number 1 port, to facilitate outreach to international markets, especially those in Asia and Europe.