To service its customers even better, NORDEN’s Dry Cargo Department has been organized into smaller, more specialized teams with increased agility and authority.

“The aim of the new set-up is to become even better at servicing our customers. We will simplify and amplify and empower throughout our organization. With our strategy Focus & Simplicity as our starting point, we are making processes more efficient and transparent and putting business authority at the frontline, where our many motivated people meet the customers and the market,” says Head of the Dry Cargo Department Christian Vinther Christensen.

Benefits of the new set-up include among other things the following for NORDEN’s customers:


  • improved response time to customers and market;
  • increased market knowledge and customer insights making NORDEN’s customer service more relevant and authentic;
  • with the spirit of a start-up in the scale of a giant, NORDEN will think big and act small in accommodating customers’ needs be it globally or regionally;
  • increased competitiveness through increased activity in the short-term market, making NORDEN able to serve more customers for their spot requirements;
  • an even more passionate interest in its customers’ business and needs; and
  • a dedicated ambition to grow with its cargo customers through commercial innovation.