UK company North Killingholme Storage (NKS) provides one-stop storage and
logistical solutions, including customsapproved warehousing for bulk products.
Based close to Immingham docks, North Lincolnshire, numerous products are
received from across the world, unloaded from the ships, stored and then screened
or blended to the customer’s requirements before being sent out again.
The total capacity of the NKS site is over 250 000ft² and around a million tonnes of different product
is turned around each year. To help speed up this operation, NKS has invested in two
Loadmaster 9000i onboard weighing systems from RDS North Eastern Ltd for use on
its two Volvo L120F wheeled loaders.
The Loadmaster 9000i is trade-approved for the commercial
sale of goods to MID Class Y(b) and OIML Class R51 & R76
standards and at NKS is currently used in conjunction with a
weighbridge, to ensure accurate loading, reducing the time trucks
spend on site, increasing accountability and to speed up the
complete operation.
Through use of the telemetry link option in the Loadmaster,
NKS is looking to phase out the weighbridge and simply send
load data direct from the loader to the office where a printed
ticket will be automatically produced. This is due to go live later
in the year and will further improve operational productivity.
NKS has used RDS weighing systems for over 20 years as Shaun Dannatt, Warehouse
Manager at NKS explains, “We have received nothing but excellent service and
product support from RDS North Eastern, who have always responded quickly and
effectively to any question or support issue.
The loader operators get on well with the RDS system and in such an operation as we
have here it certainly helps our aim of achieving a quick vehicle turnaround.”