In mid-August, it was announced that NGM Energy, Greece, has selected Thomas Gunn’s Voyager Chart Management Service to manage paper and digital chart updating on all 16 vessels in its fleet. It is also taking advantage of Thomas Gunn’s outfit management service (OMS) for the automated supply of paper charts.

The Voyager Series from Thomas Gunn Navigation Service has earned a reputation for innovation, reliability and responsiveness to customers’ needs, offering the mariner an easy to use, cost effective and high quality database of navigational data neatly displayed.

“NGM Energy is committed to improving efficiency on board,” said Captain Sergey Martynenko of NGM Energy. “Our business prides itself on offering the industry a highly professional service, and we are confident that our decision to roll out Voyager across the fleet will enable us to maintain this commitment in the future.”

Voyager is a fully automated onboard chart management system which provides the mariner with a personalized database of charts, publications and Notices to Mariners (NMs) organized in a convenient folio system. New Voyager 4 enables bridge personnel to manage all their navigational information through a

single service that, for the first time, includes NAVAREA warnings as well as new route planning functionality that makes identification of the charts, publications and updates required for a voyage even easier and more efficient.

Voyager 4 was released into the market in May 2013 following worldwide sea trials and is available now to trial and buy from Global Navigation Solutions companies and distributors worldwide.


NGM Energy is part of the Moundreas family shipping business and is run by Hariklia, Natalia and George Moundreas.


Thomas Gunn Navigation Services is part of the Global Navigation Solutions Group of companies with a global network of offices supplying navigational information and other maritime services to shipping companies worldwide. In addition to providing navigation supplies to shipping companies,TGNS also has a range of technology solutions, including Voyager and TGT eData that enable customers to optimize chart purchasing, management and updating.