Cimbria supplying Scandinavian market with dust fighting technology
A clear tendency within the bulk handling industry is a growing
demand for dust controlling equipment as the presence of dust
pollution is an environmental threat and constitutes a severe
hazard to health. Intensified focus on this matter combined with
strengthened legislation demands better technological solutions
and high performance equipment.
With more than 11,000 Moduflex loading chutes installed in
over 50 countries, Cimbria Bulk Equipment is a reputable expert
in the dry bulk material handling industry. The company takes
great pride in supplying best value for money at all times by
guaranteeing the name Moduflex to be synonymous with high
quality, innovative solutions and functionality. An extensive and
continuously developed product line consisting of loading chutes
for handling all sorts of dry bulk materials and a comprehensive
range of accessories for nearly all applications enables the
company to meet the market demands for dust-free outloading
An experienced, highly qualified workforce, its own
development and construction department and modern
production facilities enables the company to construct and
manufacture a vast variety of the solutions in accordance with
the individual requirements of each client. Membership of the
Danish Cimbria Group of Companies means that Cimbria Bulk
Equipment in addition to the product range mentioned above
can draw on the expertise of the other group members and
provide complete solutions for the clients.
Besides being an important supplier of loading chutes based
on the standard programme, the company has also managed to
distinguish itself by being an acknowledged problem solver with
the ability to design equipment for any kind of loading tasks
where particular customer requirements are taken in account.
The solutions go beyond designing loading chutes where the
solution is obvious yet demanding — to solving tasks where the
problems challenge the developing department to create with
innovative solutions.
On several occasions, the Norwegian Company Norsk Hydro, a
global supplier of aluminium metal and aluminium products, has
chosen Cimbria as a supplier for various transport and bulk
handling tasks.
At the plant in Aardal, Norway, Norsk Hydro among other
things receives and handles coke imported via ships. The coke
has the characteristics of being extremely dusty and difficult to
handle. It is transported into the warehouse on a belt conveyor
and subsequently loaded into the open silos by means of a crane
and a loading chute system.
In order to control the outloading process in the open silos,
Norsk Hydro has mounted infrared indicators in both ends of
the warehouse for indication of the pile height in the open silos
and subsequently for sending signals to the traverse crane to
move on to the next silo. A large filter system was mounted on
the traverse crane for aspirating the dust from both the traverse
crane and the loading chute underneath the crane. However, the
existing filter installation turned out to be insufficient, just as the
existing loading chutes were not capable of solving the task to
Hydro’s satisfaction. The result was that the dust emission was
so heavy that the infrared indicators mentioned above were not
able to ‘see each other’ which made correct control of the crane
system impossible.
Furthermore, Norsk Hydro has a great focus on
environmental issues including the working environment, and
they were naturally particular attentive to the heavy dust
development as it made it almost impossible for operational
personnel to stay in the warehouse during the loading process.
clarifying meeting, Norsk Hydro was convinced that a Cimbria
Moduflex loading chute with integrated filter was the right
solution. Consequently, the company made the decision to
‘scrap’ the existing filter system, re-build the traverse crane and
mount two Moduflex loading chutes of the type V650FF with
integrated fully self-contained filter system mounted on the
chute outlet head.
The loading chutes load 500m³/h of coke and they have
extended length on length on approximately 10 metres. The
chutes are equipped with internal overlapping steel cones and a
special outlet which meets the request for at low built-in height.
In order to ensure the dust emitting at a minimum level, the
chute is supplied with a heavy duty dust skirt especially designed
to encapsulate the dust that arises from the product pile during
the outloading process. As an additional safety measure, the
chute outlet is supplied with an emergency stop function, which
ensures that the loading process stops in case the chute — for
some reason — should collide with the silo wall. In addition to
this, the chute is as standard provided with a tight-slack wire
function, relief wires and safety guard, all for providing safety for
man and machinery.
After mounting, the chutes have now been working for
approximately one-and-a-half years to Norsk Hydro’s full
satisfaction. Besides handling the specific loading task, the
system has solved the dust problem which makes infrared
sensors able connect with each other and in that way control
the traverse crane. In addition, it is now possible for the
operation personnel to stay in the warehouse during loading
process without a being exposed to severe dust pollution.
In co-operation with the Finnish Moduflex partner Mega Mänty,
Cimbria Moduflex has recently supplied a loading solution for
the company Raisio Malt Ltd., Finland’s largest producer of
brewing malt.
The company needed loading equipment with a high degree
of manoeuvrability which could load malt into both open and
closed rail wagons and open trucks. The solution was the
delivery of two Moduflex loading chutes of the type S300 each
fitted on a positioning unit. To solve this task the chutes are
supplied with a multi-outlet which is a combination of a tank
outlet and a flat outlet i.e. the outlet is equipped with both an
outlet cone and a dust skirt. For open loading the dust skirt is
lowered to prevent the dust emission from arising from the
product pile, and for closed loading the dust skirt is raised and
fastened on the fitting on the two grips.
The installation also required a high degree of
manoeuvrability since the outloading installation is situated on
the factory area where the railway track curves. In order to
compensate for the curve, each loading chute is fitted on a
FlexPositioner of the type P1000HR, a motorized positioning
unit that reduces road and rail tanker truck loading turn round
time and increases safety. Instead of the tanker truck or rail
wagon having to be stopped precisely under the chutes and the
discharge outlet connected by hand to the loading hatch, the
outlet itself is manoeuvred by a remotely controlled integral
positioning unit. The FlexPositioner has a travel length of
1,000mm (500mm from the centre point of the outlet) and can
be rotated 90º to the left and to the right giving a 360º working
area. In loading situations where a long train of rail tankers are
being loaded and therefore must be driven into a precisely
determined position, the unit can offer effective saving in total
loading time.
Both the loading chutes and the positioning units are
controlled by a wireless remote control. A screen on the
remote control allows the operator to monitor the loading rate
a total loaded quantity continuously.
As a conclusion it can be said, that the ability to solve problems
of various characters makes Cimbria Bulk Equipment an oftchosen
supplier of loading chutes. The Cimbria Moduflex loading
chutes are likewise often chosen to replace existing loading
equipment chosen after thoroughly studying and comparing with
other loading chutes.
Cimbria Bulk Equipment is a member of the Cimbria Group
of Companies, an international organization with more than 800
employees in 20 countries throughout the world. Cimbria offers
equipment and processing plant for the grain and seed industry
and transport and conveying equipment for bulk handling.
Joint effort on Korea hatch covers and winches
Two TTS companies in Germany are working together to supply
four shipsets of hatch covers and winches for a major project
serving large ore carriers in Korea.
In a joint contract with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. Ltd (DSME)
shipyard, TTS Ships Equipment GmbH will deliver the design and main parts for the
hatch covers, and sister company TTS Kocks GmbH will supply the winches. The DSME
vessels, to be delivered in the second half of 2011, are of type 400,000dwt VLOCs (Very
Large Ore Carriers).
Each 360m-long vessel will transport ore from Brazil to China for a major Brazilian
TTS Kocks is to supply ten mooring winches and two combined anchor and
mooring winches to each of the four ships. Manufacturing will
take place in the TTS Kocks factory in Korea and the company
will deliver the winches between Jan 2011 and March 2012. “This
is the largest winch project that TTS Kocks has undertaken,” says
Bernd Waldschmidt, head of sales and projects, TTS Kocks.
The TTS side rolling hatch covers are driven by hydraulic
motor and feature a rack and pinion system.
TTS Ships Equipment is providing drawings and parts
including wheels, rubber seals and bearing pads. The delivery of
parts is set to start in September 2010.
This is the first contract that TTS Ships Equipment has had
with Daewoo for a long time, says sales and project manager
Karsten Kroschel. In another first, it is also the occasion of the
debut collaboration between TTS Ships Equipment and TTS
Kocks. “We are very pleased to have a common project with
Kocks,” says Kroschel. “We combined our sales force for this
contract, and as a result, our volumes are better and our
approach is stronger.”
Singapore cement terminal awards refurbishment contract to Cargotec
To improve its performance, Sin Heng Chan Cement Terminal
has contracted Cargotec for a major new refurbishment
project on its Siwertell ship unloader
In January Cargotec won a substantial new refurbishment
contract from major cement importer Sin Heng Chan
Cement Terminal in Singapore, which will see the company’s
local bulk handling services branch upgrade Sin Heng Chan’s
Siwertell ST-490F ship unloader. In July 2009 Cargotec in
Singapore successfully supervised a service project. The
customer was pleased and shortly thereafter, a new meeting
was held to discuss the refurbishment of the Siwertell
ST-490F ship unloader.
“The contract came about through excellent teamwork
from Cargotec’s bulk handling services in Bjuv, Sweden,
coupled with good co-operation from the local branch office
in Singapore, as well as a long-standing relationship with Sin
Heng Chan Cement Terminal,” says Daniel Frostberg,
Cargotec’s bulk handling services sales manager.
The refurbishment project will involve the upgrade of part
of the Sin Heng Chan Cement Terminal and its Siwertell ship
unloader to a new and improved design. The unloader will
also be updated with the latest versions of both hardware and
software to simplify operations.
This will provide an improved alarm monitoring system
and secure spare parts supply. It will also reduce wear and
tear costs and improve the performance and reliability of the
upgraded element of the terminal and the Siwertell ship
Cargotec supplies Siwertell ship unloader for busy Brazilian coal jetty
The commercial, operational and environmental advantages
of Cargotec’s continuous screw unloading technology have
led to several recent orders, all for unloading coal cargoes,
including one for a state-owned port in northeast Brazil
In December Cargotec received an order for a Siwertell
ST 940-D ship unloader from the Ministry of Infrastructure
(SEINFRA) in Ceará State, Brazil. Constructed in Sweden
and China, the continuous screw unloader will be installed at
the port of Pecem, Ceará State, in the northeast of the
country and will be ready for use by the end of 2011. A
decision on an order for a second, similar unloader for the
same jetty is expected to be taken by 2011.
With an unloading capacity of 2,400tph (tonnes per hour)
the Siwertell equipment will discharge coal from partly
loaded Capesize vessels of up to 100,000dwt.
Douglas Wichers, Cargotec’s sales manager for bulk
terminals, says there are a number of good reasons why
SEINFRA in Ceará State chose the company’s continuous screw
unloader. “In the first place, it is the most environmentally
friendly unloading system on the market as there are no dust
emissions or spillages.
“It has the highest average unloading capacity when compared
with competitor systems, yet the unit weight of the Siwertell
unloader is only about half that of a grab crane, so there is no
need to reinforce the jetty prior to installation.
“The small physical size of the Siwertell unloader eliminates
the risk of collision with the large clamshell grab cranes that are
to be installed at the same jetty.
“From a commercial point of view, the high average unloading
capacity will result in low demurrage costs for the bulk carriers
using the jetty.”
Cargotec has unrivalled experience in continuous screw type
unloading systems, and has recently secured other significant
orders for delivery in 2011 and 2012. These include another
order to Brazil; one to Taiwan; and one to Korea.
Cargotec improves the efficiency of cargo flows by offering
solutions for loading and unloading goods on land and at sea —
wherever cargo is on the move. For handling dry bulk materials,
Cargotec provides engineering solutions through its Siwertell
brand, including design, installation and after-sales services
Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders are based on unique
screw conveyor technology, in combination with belt conveyors
and aeroslides, and can handle virtually any dry bulk cargo, such
as coal, cement, fertilizer, agribulk, clinker, sulphur and grain.
Cargotec can supply plant and terminal design, ship unloaders,
ship loaders, mobile ship unloaders, mechanical and pneumatic
conveying systems, and storage solutions, all designed to ensure
environmentally-friendly and efficient cargo operations.