Hanseaticsoft, a German software provider, is integrating searoutes.com’s navigation data into the Charter module of its ship management platform, Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) to enable shipping companies to calculate the optimal routes and cost of their voyages more accurately than ever before.

searoutes.com is the first distance calculation service that makes use of real historic ship voyages recorded by AIS-signals, which means it is far more accurate than all other existing distance tables or calculators). AIS data offers the great advantage that in addition to the position, route and speed, ship-specific data such as the name, the load, the MMSI number, the radio call sign and other data also is transmitted.

Integrating searoutes.com-data into the Cloud Fleet Manager will enable shipping companies to make detailed pre-calculations about the best routes and the anticipated costs of any proposed voyage charter. 

The system is easy to use and companies need only to enter the weight of the cargo being transported, the ship’s planned travel speed and preferred route to receive estimated charter costs immediately. This means that precise budgets can be planned and statements made about the efficiency of the selected route in relation to the cargo, as well as the predicted weather conditions.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft GmbH, says, “Adding searoutes.com’s navigational data into the Cloud Fleet Manager will hugely benefit shipping companies by improving the accuracy of voyage calculations and their budgeting. In a single cloud-based system, they can carry out detailed route calculations, as well as a pre-calculations of the costs. For every route, companies can check how long it will take them to travel any distance and how much fuel they will consume. This will lead to more informed decision making regarding faster routes or a longer route that may take more time but will be more cost and fuel efficient.”

“The integration of searoutes.com’s navigational data is another enhancement of our modern software solution portfolio that is helping shipping companies to gain new perspectives on their processes and increase their efficiencies and business performance.”

Cloud Fleet Manager offers one platform for companies to manage their entire fleet and for information to be centralised, processed and accessed in real time using apps and mobile devices. The software portfolio comprises more than 20 different business apps.