The Port of Gdansk Authority SA and Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa S.A. signed an agreement on a lease of property for the construction of a new transshipment and shipping terminal along with access infrastructure intended for handling the transport of sugar. The new facility will be located right next to the Nabrzeze Wislane, which will enable entry and loading of ships with a large carrying capacity.

As part of the investment, within the area leased from the PGA, Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa will build a transshipment and shipping terminal, including a silo with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes, a sugar packing floor, and a logistics warehouse for finished product with a capacity of about 10,000 tonnes. The investment will also involve the construction of logistics infrastructure along with the necessary storage base.

“One of the greatest strategic advantages of the Port of Gdansk
is its versatility. As opposed to our numerous highly specialized competitors from the Baltic Sea region, we provide operators with the opportunity to handle a broad range of cargo types. In 2017, the Port of Gdansk already handled nearly three million tonnes of bulk cargo — excluding fuels, coal and cereals. Thanks to the new sugar terminal, we will quickly improve these statistics,” says Lukasz Greinke, President of the Board of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA.

“The construction of the first sugar terminal in Poland gives us the opportunity for export sales during a campaign at the level of about 75,000 tonnes of sugar, thanks to which we will be able to limit the need to rent space in external warehouses and the silo at the Port will be used efficiently. All these aspects translate into handling, transport, warehousing, material, and workforce cost reductions, as well as a reduction in quantitative losses of sugar during transport between sugar factory, external warehouse, and port. The investment will make it possible for KSC S.A. to export shipments outside the EU via the Port at a level of about 300,000 tonnes of sugar a year,” says Henryk Wnorowski, President of the Board of KSC S.A.

The new sugar terminal of Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa S.A. will enable the unloading of sugar delivered in rail containers and silo trucks. Its adjacent, modern transshipment and shipping infrastructure will make it possible to sell sugar in polypropylene bags which can be stacked both in containers and the cargo holds of conventional ships.

A car park for 37 trucks is planned direct access to the open basin of the Gulf of Gdansk.

The Inner Port includes: a container terminal, a base and terminal for passenger ferries and Ro-Ro vessels, a passenger car and citrus fruit transship- ment base, a base for handling sulphur and other bulk cargo, and a base for the transshipment of phosphorites. The Outer Port is made up of specialist bases for the transshipment of energy raw materials: liquid fuels, coal, and liquid gas. The modern deepwater container terminal, the DCT, is also located within this part.


Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa S.A. (KSC S.A.) is the largest manufacturer of sugar in Poland and the eighth-largest in Europe. The concern owns seven sugar factories (Dobrzelin, Kluczewo, Krasnystaw, Kruszwica, Malbork, Naklo,Werbkowice) located in five different regions and the’Polskie Przetwory’ fruit and vegetable processing plant located in Wloclawek.

The primary activity of Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa S.A. is centred around the production and sale of sugar, trade in by-products derived from the manufac- turing process, and fruit and vegetable processing.

The company’s products, sold under the ‘Polski Cukier’ brand, are delivered both to recognized Polish companies and renowned international concerns. Built and developed over the years, the Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa S.A. Group of Companies now operates in five sectors of the agricultural and food market. The sugar industry remains the group’s primary sector. The four others include the confectionery industry, the fruit and vegetable processing industry, the grain and milling industry, and the potato industry. Apart from KSC S.A., the KSC S.A. Group of Companies includes four manufacturing subsidiary companies:

  • Przedsiebiorstwo ZbozowoMlynarskie “PZZ” w Stoislawiu S.A.;
  • Fabryka Cukierkow “Pszczolka” Sp. z o.o.; 
  • Przedsiebiorstwo Przemyslu Ziemniaczanego Trzemeszno Sp. z.o.o.; and
  • I^.C.S. Moldova Zah r S.R.L. located in the Republic of Moldova.