Kabelschlepp Metool is best known for its cable carrier
solutions. However, being a company of true machine tool
expertise, the inventor of the cable chain has more to offer.
Guide way covers and protection, conveyor systems and machine
housings are well-established products in its portfolio. ‘All
around the machine’ is not only the company’s claim, but is
backed by an offering of real benefit to machine builders.
Within this product range, Kabelschlepp Metool has now
released a parts conveyor for use on stamping/nibbling machines.
At the same time, the company has introduced a modular version
of the well-proven hinged belt conveyors. The smooth transport
of parts to and from a process can be a decisive quality factor in
automation involving stamping processes.
The new conveyor system follows demanding standards
determining the surface quality of parts, providing scratch-free
and gentle discharge into a given depot. Both flat and shaped
parts with heights of 0.5mm to 25mm can be handled with this
solution. Brush rollers in the discharge area ensure that part
transfer is almost horizontal and as such prevents surface damage
on discharge.
The overall concept of the new parts conveyor, as well as the
connection to the machine, is the result of a co-operative effort with a renowned
manufacturer of equipment for sheet-metal processing. Users can thus rely on the
experience of two specialists.
This is an example where dialogue withengineers in the field emerges in a new solution.
The hinged belt conveyors from Kabelschlepp are
now available in a modular design. By adopting a
modular system similar to the modular concept
used for the WAVE-BELT conveyor, and thus the
use of standard assemblies, hinged belt conveyors
are now available faster than solutions based on
the conventional design.
Taking the SRF 063 conveyor type with a belt width of
300mm as a basis, the standard modules can be quickly
assembled. In addition, fixed discharge heights cover the most
common container sizes. With length sections of 400mm, the
feed length can be adapted to various machines. Conveyor
systems with other dimensions are also available upon request.
Further benefits of the new modular hinged belt conveyors:
the modular system is also available for the WAVE-BELT
conveyor, where the individual belt plates can be replaced
without having to disassemble the entire conveyor. In the event
of damaged or defective belt plates, conveyor operation can be
restored without delays.
The company’s in-depth experience in metal processing allows
it to meet such bespoke design challenges, such as troughs and
support structures for cable carrier applications.
Kabelschlepp is part of the Tsubaki Group and is a major
presence in the field of cable carriers, LIFE LINE safety cables,
guideway protection and conveyor systems. Founded in 1954 in
Siegen, Germany, Kabelschlepp today is present in over 50