With an ambition to revolutionize the dry bulk shipping industry, the incubator company, GateHouse Igniter, has invested in the software startup, CleanQuote– the first digital platform to facilitate communication between dry bulk shipping companies and hold cleaning suppliers. With CleanQuote, shipping companies can find and request quotes from certified hold cleaning suppliers globally.
The recently launched incubator company, GateHouse Igniter, has invested in the digital platform, CleanQuote.com, that makes finding and requesting quotes from hold cleaning suppliers easy.
Today, finding relevant and certified hold cleaning suppliers in ports and requesting quotes is often conducted manually by searching the internet for suppliers and sending out e-mails. This is an exhausting and time-consuming process that – in the worst case – can extend bulk carriers’ time in port.
CleanQuote has automated this process, allowing dry bulk shipping companies to find and submit RFQs to hold cleaning suppliers through their digital platform. CleanQuote saves preferred suppliers and offers an overview of market prices at any given port, explains Lasse Ekdahl, CEO of CleanQuote:
- The location and ETA of bulk carriers often depend on several factors, which make the process of locating and contacting hold cleaning suppliers near ports both exhausting and complicated. That is why we decided to develop CleanQuote.com to automate and effectively optimize this process, he says and continues:
- With CleanQuote.com, shipping companies can locate relevant hold cleaning suppliers with just a few clicks and even free of charge. The shipping company selects a port and submits RFQs to all approved agents located close to the port area. CleanQuote allows shipping companies to filter out irrelevant agents and only find cleaning suppliers with the relevant certifications for the selected dry bulk cargo. Within 24 hours, the company receives an e-mail with the three best offers. The following communication takes place directly between the shipping company and the chosen agent.
Both shipping companies and hold cleaning suppliers can sign up to the CleanQuote.com platform for free. All quotes, offers, and orders are accessible in the CleanQuote database, making it easy to view already purchased and current ROB supplies on a specific vessel.
CEO of GateHouse Igniter, Ulrik Rasmussen above, sees great potential in CleanQuote which he believes can potentially become a full-service platform for cleaning solutions in the maritime industry:
- CleanQuote.com offers significant benefits to shipping companies and hold cleaning suppliers, and thus has the potential to revolutionize the dry bulk industry. The solution can even be applied to other cleaning services, such as propeller, shore gang, and tank cleaning. Needless to say, we have high expectations for CleanQuote, and our goal is to make it a full-service platform for maritime cleaning solutions, he says and adds:
- The solution’s focus on the maritime industry makes CleanQuote the perfect partner for our company. For more than 25 years, GateHouse has developed B2B software that has revolutionized the maritime industry. With our experience and market-leading position, we can accelerate the CleanQuote journey towards the full potential, Ulrik Rasmussen concludes.
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