On 13 October, Ore Amazonas, a new 300,000dwt class ore carrier built by Nantong COSCO KHI Engineering Co. Ltd. (NACKS), was delivered to NYK. This vessel is the third 300,000dwt class ore carrier for NYK.
At the naming and delivery ceremony, Micheal Zhu, director of sales, iron ore at Vale, Gurinder Singh, shipping director at Vale, and Hidenori Hono, representative director and senior managing corporate officer at NYK joined a number of others in attendance to celebrate the vessel’s maiden voyage.
Ore Amazonas is the first 300,000dwt class ore carriers for Vale and will be chartered exclusively to Vale over the next 20 years to transport 1.3mt (million tonnes) of iron ore annually from Brazil.
NYK is thus continuing in its efforts to provide stable transportation of natural resources.
  • length overall: 327.0 metres
  • beam: 55.0 metres designed
  • draught: 21.4 metres
  • gross tonnage: 152,311 tonnes
  • deadweight tonnage: 297,978 tonnes
  • builder: Nantong COSCO KHI Engineering Co. Ltd.
Established in 1942 and privatized in 1997, Vale is the world’s largest iron ore supplier.
The company also produces and sells manganese, copper, aluminium, and other such natural resources. The head office is located in Rio de Janeiro.
Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha is one of the world’s major transportation companies. At the end of March 2010, the NYK Group was operating 803 major ocean vessels, as well as fleets of planes, trains, and trucks.
The company's shipping fleet includes 321 bulk carriers, 142 container ships, 57 woodchip carriers, 115 car carriers, 85 tankers, 30 LNG carriers, three cruise ships, and 50 other ships.
NYK’s revenue in FY 2009 was about $18 billion, and as a group NYK employs about 55,000 people worldwide. NYK is based in Tokyo and has regional headquarters in London, New York, Singapore,Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, and Sao Paulo. New ore carrier ‘Ore Amazonas’ delivered