Wilhelmsen Ships Service is pleased to announce the opening of a branch office in Krishnapatnam on the east coast of India. Krishnapatnam is one of the fastest growing private ports in the region, serving primarily the coal market for imports and iron ore for exports. The office is conveniently located in Harbour Heights, Main Road, Muthacar. The expansion of the company’s presence in India is responding to the increased business activities that it is undertaking in the Indian sub-continent.   
Since establishing the office, the Wilhelmsen Ships Service team has already handled a number of port calls for major coal and iron ore principals.
General Manager Nakul Malhotra comments “We expect that this port will continue to gain in significance, as it is a key entry point for coal imports, to meet India's growing coal need. We expect that both Wilhelmsen Ships Service network as a whole and our customer base will gain from our establishment in Krishnapatnam.”
Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies Unitor marine products, technical services, ships agency services and maritime logistics.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service has the world’s largest maritime services network, with the ability to service 2 200 ports in 125 countries. The company’s main focus is to deliver improved vessel operating efficiency to the merchant fleet. In 2009 the company made 208 000 product deliveries to 22 000 vessels and handled 53 000 port calls. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has 4 400 employees operating out of 318 offices in 72 countries