Plastic calotte made of iglidur material replaces metallic rolling bearings in pedestal and flange bearings

The sensitivity to contamination and corrosion is the largest challenge for metallic ball bearings in demanding applications in problematic environments. Tribo polymer expert igus GmbH now offers a precisely fitting alternative: The igubal replacement calotte which can replace fragile ball bearings by high-quality plastic bearing elements can save both time and money.

Due to higher maintenance and cleaning requirements, metallic ball bearings can cause problems in a sensitive operational area. Today, many users count on plain bearings made of tribo plastics that run without extra lubrication. Some users of pedestal and flange bearings with rolling bearings avoided changing due to high modification costs of their machines. In In the past replacement of a ball bearing meant it was also necessary to replace other bearing elements too. A new housing with other dimensions and boreholes had to be integrated into the machine, which was costly and time consuming. The customer benefits twice with the igubal replacement calotte from igus: He can benefit from dirt- and corrosion-resistant plastic bearings and doesn’t need to make costly and lavish conversions. Instead of a ball bearing, the slim replacement calotte can quickly and precisely be installed into the existing metallic housing. Standard sizes allow an installation of the mechanically manufactured calotte independently from the manufacturer. For example, it can be used for 2 hole and 4 hole flange bearings as well as for pedestal bearings. The calotte is characterised by high durability and elasticity as well as a maintenance-free dry run.

A variety of application possibilities through iglidur materials

Because the plastic calotte can be manufactured and ordered from a range of nine different iglidur materials, each with its specific features, the customer can achieve the full potential of the iglidur material variants. He can get the exact material for his application: Right from the cheap and wear-resistant standard material iglidur J4 up to the high-temperature resistant or FDA conform variants iglidur X respectively iglidur A350. The igubal replacement calotte is appropriate for the use in the foodstuff industry. This industry is subject to strict regulations for machines and there are high production demands. Based on this application, with its product innovation and knowledge igus has created a solution according to the industrial demand that can be used in numerous sectors.