Konecranes is to supply a diesel-electric Gottwald Model 4 mobile harbour crane to Miike Port Logistics (MPL) of Japan. According to the manufacturer, the crane should be ready to ship to the Port of Miike at the end of the year.

MPL says it will use it for dedicated bulk handling, mainly consisting of coal and coconut husks.

In 2006, MPL acquired a smaller version of the Gottwald MHC, which has been used across a range of commodities, handling dry bulk with a motor grab. This will continue in use, with the new crane replacing a life-expired bulk gantry crane.

Explaining the reason why MPL had gone for another MHC, Makoto Aso, President of MPL’s procurement arm explains:“Bulk handling technology from Konecranes has proven to be very productive and reliable at many terminals around the world. MPL has been very impressed by the perfor- mance of their Konecranes cargo handling equipment to date. It was logical to opt for a Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane in order to further expand their bulk handling activities.”

Holger Schauer, who is the regional sales manager for Konecranes Port Solutions, noted that, since 2003, Gottwald had delivered one Model 2 and nine HMK 170 E mobile harbour cranes, the predecessor of Model 2, to nine terminals across Japan. However, MHC has taken delivery of the first Model 4 mobile harbour crane to be operated in Japan.

The Model 4 is a four-rope grab crane, which can lift up to 95 tonnes at a maximum outreach of 46 metres. MPL has asked for an additional overload indicator to also be fitted.

Barry Cross