Wilhelmsen Ships Service has opened a combined new warehouse and Fire, Rescue & Safety station in Gothenburg. Both are already operational.
     The station is conveniently situated only a kilometre from the port of Gothenburg and approximately ten kilometres from the city centre. The strategic positioning of the station will enable Wilhelmsen Ships Service, which is the world's leading maritime service network, to provide its range of services to both the east and west coasts of Sweden, to Denmark and to the southern part of Norway.
     The region of Gothenburg is of strategic importance for Wilhelmsen Ships Service since it is home to car manufacturers and other major Swedish industry.  It is the largest port in Scandinavia with a number of maintenance dockyards.
     The station was officially opened on 25th November in the presence of 50 customers and representatives from the area. Customers were treated to a demonstration of the company's safety products and other equipment. The Fire, Rescue & Safety station will service fire extinguishers, safety equipment and liferafts.
     The Gothenburg station is also undertaking Wilhelmsen Ships Service's unique Liferaft Exchange Programme where service due liferafts are exchanged on the dockside for dated ones, and the company is expecting official approval from the liferaft manufacturers for this during the first quarter of 2010.
     "Our team at Wilhelmsen Ships Service has worked hard to set up this new base" comments Wilhelmsen Ships Service Sweden's General Manager, Per-Ole Norderhaug. "We expect our new location to bring increased benefits and convenience to our existing customers and hopefully later also to broaden the business of our other business streams significantly in this important region".
     Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies Unitor marine products, technical services, ships agency services and maritime logistics.