Nidera is to build a new fertilizer terminal in the Argentinian port of General San
Martín, which will be able to handle up to 350 trucks daily. This will be the
equivalent of 9,600–10,500 tonnes of despatched fertilizer. Investment of $25
million will be required. The installation will be similar to that managed by Terfe
at the port of Quequén, although with a larger loading and discharge capability.
Quayside cranes will augment ships’ gear during unloading, when the fertilizer
will be discharged into a hopper at a productivity of around 1,200tph (tonnes per
hour). The truck reception facility will be able to handle seven dispatches per
In addition, the company is to invest a further $25 million in increasing the
capacity of its adjacent mill.
Nidera estimates that in a few years Argentina will be consuming up to 5
million tonnes of fertilizer annually, which is approximately 113% more than it did
in 2009.