As a leader in maritime logistics solutions, NEUERO Industrietechnik proudly introduces the MULTIPORT generation of ship-unloaders, designed to redefine efficiency in handling Capesize vessels over 100,000dwt as well as smaller coasters. These advanced unloaders, recently deployed at a prominent grain terminal in the Middle East, are set to revolutionize the industry, offering unmatched benefits to our clients.
  • Versatility in operation: the M600 and M800 models are engineered for versatility, capable of handling both massive Capesize ships and smaller vessels. With capacities of 600tph (tonnes per hour) and 800tph, these units mean that clients can expect rapid turnover, reducing vessel waiting times significantly.
  • Extended reach and flexibility: boasting a boom length of 35 metres and a horizontal telescopic range of 19 metres, NEUERO’s unloaders offer superb reach, ensuring efficient unloading of cargo from every part of the vessel.
  • Advanced Auto Dipping System (ADS): the ADS feature automates the unloading process, allowing operators to initiate operations with a simple button press every 15 minutes. This innovation not only streamlines operations but also frees up crew time for maintenance, inspection, or rest, enhancing overall productivity and safety.
  • Boom to the Ground (B2G) technology: NEUERO’s B2G feature revolutionizes maintenance and inspection processes. The boom’s ability to lower to the ground level negates the need for cranes or manlifts, allowing for easier, faster, and safer inspections and maintenance.
  • Airlock Flow Control (AFC): the AFC extends airlock life by regulating rotation and minimizing wear. This controlled operation not only reduces maintenance costs but also ensures more consistent unloading performance.
  • Standardized NEUERO winches: emphasizing reliability, NEUERO’s winches use standard components for easier repairs and replacements. The integration of electronic controls within the electric panel simplifies operations, a hallmark of NEUERO’s commitment to practical innovation.
  • COMPENSATOR – the maintenance-free flexible seal: NEUERO’s COMPENSATOR seals are designed for maintenance-free operation, allowing for quick, easy replacements. These contactless seals ensure no product breakage, reducing operational disruptions.
There are many advantages offered by NEUERO’s new generation of Multiport ship-unloaders. These include:
  • Reduced operational costs: through advanced automation and efficient design, NEUERO’s unloaders significantly lower operational costs.
  • Increased productivity: the high-capacity handling and automated features ensure quick unloading, translating to increased throughput.
  • Enhanced safety and ease of maintenance: features like B2G and the COMPENSATOR seal provide a safer, more accessible environment for maintenance crews.
  • Longevity and reliability: with robust construction and AFC technology, NEUERO unloaders promise extended service life and dependable performance.
In conclusion, NEUERO Industrietechnik’s new MULTIPORT ship-unloaders represent not just an evolution in technology but a commitment to the company’s clients’ operational success. NEUERO understands the pressures of maritime logistics and has engineered solutions that meet and exceed these challenges. Embrace the future of dry bulk handling with NEUERO – where innovation meets efficiency.