STEMA — Matola Silos and Grain Terminal Ltd. is a Mozambican firm, founded on 9April 1996, with initial capital of 130 thousand million meticais.
STEMA has as its mission to carry out  business on the national and international
The firm promotes the provision of manifold support services for grains
destined for consumption by Mozambican industry and commerce, and acts as a base of support for the
transit of grains within Mozambican territory.
That base of support is made available to grain traffic to and from the countries of Southern Africa, with particular relevance for the Republic of South Africa, the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Republic of Botswana and the Kingdom of Swaziland.
   The object of STEMA — Matola Silos and Grain Terminal, SA is that of creating the motivation necessary for the total satisfaction of the client, making use of the triangle of administration/human resources/equipment.
   It is intended that the services offered by STEMA may come to be used more and more by Mozambican and foreign
   The client's total satisfaction is the company’s strategic objective, always offering quality and speed in the services
provided and at competitive prices.
STEMA owns equipment which permits the carrying out of internal transit operations and those of importing and exporting of grains with efficacy and rapidity.
   The investments made in equipment are valuated at close to 250 thousand million meticais.
   This equipment permits the storage and distribution of grains by sea, rail and road.
   In addition to the equipment, the firm has a team of technical staff which is qualified and specialized in modern technologies, all of them Mozambican nationals.
   The equipment is essentially a maritime terminal with a berthing pier capable of receiving ships of up to 30,000 tonnes, and a complex of 27 silos with a static capacity to receive 45,000 tonnes of grain.
For the unloading operations, the maritime terminal is linked through a mobile pneumatic shipunloader and a belt-type conveyor of around 700 metres in length, with a capacity to transport 500tph (tonnes per hour).
   This conveyor links the terminal to the silos.
   For the ship-loading operations, the silos are connected to the terminal through a covered conveyor belt of around 700 metres in length and a transport capacity of 500tph.
The installed unloading capacity is 250tph and that for loading a ship in normal weather conditions is 500tph, assured by a mechanized operations service which operates on a shift basis without interruption, 24 hours a day, weekends and
national holidays excluded.
   The operations of receiving and distribution of grains are carried out through a modern inventory management system.
   Through a computerized automatic control station, STEMA ensures the inflow and outflow of grains with complete