In April 2013, MacGregor secured another K5036 floating crane order from one of the largest stevedoring companies on the west coast of India, M/s Shreeji Shipping. This new order has a similar specification to the first MacGregor order received in October 2012: K5036-4HD floating crane with a 50-tonne SWL in grab operation.

“Once delivered, MacGregor will have four K4-HD floating cranes, one floating transfer terminal equipped with two K3028-4HD cranes, and one self-unloading transshipper serving the Indian bulk market on both the east and west coasts,” highlights Anders Berencsy, sales manager for the K50 crane. “With these references MacGregor has strengthened its position in the region and is well-poised to face even bigger bulk handling demands.

“This project is significant for MacGregor,” notes Berencsy. “Shreeji Shipping’s decision to go for a MacGregor crane was predominately based on the distinct advantages that our K50 crane brings, namely: higher capacity, better performance and the crane’s lower through-life cost. Good customer contacts, achieved through our local office, were also vital in securing the order.”

Shreeji Shipping has been established for almost two decades and handles more than 12 million tonnes of cargo a year. It is predominantly engaged in handling bulk cargo and can offer stevedoring, lighterage, transportation documentation, warehousing, customs clearance and all other related ancillary services.

The operator’s MacGregor K5036 crane will be delivered in August 2013 along with a generator for the crane as part of a turnkey package. It will operate in the Gulf of Khambata, in the state of Gujarat on the western coast, and will primarily be used for unloading coal from capesize vessels into open hatch river barges. These barges will then discharge the coal at a nearby jetty, which serves a local power station.