Cavotec's MoorMaster™ automated mooring systems have completed more than one million moorings at bulk, ferry, Ro/Ro, container handling and lock applications all over the world, making ports safer, more efficient and more sustainable.
MoorMaster replaces hazardous conventional mooring lines with remotely operated automated vacuum pads that moor and release vessels in seconds at the push of a button.
The technology dramatically improves safety and operational efficiency, optimises the ship-to-shore interface, and in many cases enables ports to make infrastructure savings.
Passing one million moorings is a major milestone that highlights MoorMaster’s key role in transforming the maritime industry by improving safety, maximising productivity, and minimising environmental impact. MoorMaster remains the only widely used automated mooring technology on the market today.
To celebrate, we have put together some fascinating facts and stats about MoorMaster in this infographic. As more and more operators discover the step-change MoorMaster offers, we expect to reach two million moorings even faster than we reached one million.