Mondi’s Sheekan Bag, an industrial bag with not only a full moisture barrier but also the Easy Seal sealable valve, has won this year’s Emballissimo award in the ‘Containment’ category.

This bag solution, which was optimized in collaboration with Baumit Wopfinger, utilizes two innovative ideas which in combination provide the filled contents with outstanding moisture protection without compromising filling speeds.

The Sheekan Bag with Easy Seal, which was tailored to the customer’s specifications, was developed jointly with building materials producer BaumitWopfinger and entered for the Emballissimo. The Emballissimo is awarded for packaging with outstanding innovative functionality. The Sheekan Bag features a specially modified PE film in combination with an applied adhesive strip. With this system, air required during the filling process can escape quickly, and the filled bag has an all-round protection against moisture. The reliably sealable Easy Seal valve provides additional protection.

“Building materials have to be stored dry, otherwise they react with moisture prior to use,” points out Baumit Wopfinger head of purchasing Gunter Handler. “We want to offer our customers long storage times, so we went in search of a solution which would provide our building materials with optimum protection and would also function well during the production process,” he says.

“The Sheekan Bag meets two of our customer’s requirements: product protection and high filling speed,” says Mondi Bag Austria sales manager Ferdinand Muck.“That’s two birds with one stone,” he adds.

Emballissimo awards for innovative packaging solutions are conferred annually by the Association of the Austrian Paper Industry.The awards ceremony was held on 18 June 2013. Over the past decade, Emballissimos have been granted to Mondi’s industrial bags on six previous occasions, reflecting Mondi’s emphasis on innovation.