Indexator Rotator Systems AB is launching its new K100 hose swivel aimed at today’s modern hydraulic hose systems in forestry and construction machines.

The new hose swivel is the fruit of several years’ research and development whose many tests and long field trials gave extremely positive results.

“We succeeded in achieving an extremely good service life for the K100 thanks to our unique, newly developed seal solution and a new type of surface treatment with excellent wear and corrosion resistance,” design engineer Julia Ro¨nnberg tells us. “I must say we really are at the leading edge of developments. The entire swivel structure has undergone a major upgrade and copes well with bending loads while torque resistance is also low. This will mean a lot fewer hose ruptures,” declares Ro¨nnberg.

Many swivels have major problems with higher pressures greatly increasing swivel torque resistance, which leads to twisted hoses and dramatically shorter service lives for both hoses and swivels. In the many tests, Indexator noted that the K100 only has half the torque resistance as other swivels on the market, even at low pressures.

“With the new technology, the swivel rotates easily even at extremely high pressures; the K100’s torque resistance is lower than the next best swivel on the market by a surprising amount,” says Ro¨nnberg.

Additional advantages are the new swivel’s compact design and small external diameter, which make it easy to build into various applications.


Indexator Rotator Systems AB is a global leader in the
manufacture of rotators, swivels and accessories.
Today, Indexator is an extremely strong brand in the forestry, material handling and recycling industries all over the world. The company conducts world-class R&D that includes a dedicated, in-house test lab that international equipment manufacturers also turn to develop new products and functions. The company currently has 140 employees and annual sales of around SEK 230 million. A high proportion of sales go to export, with around 80% of production being sold to more than 40 markets around the world.