The new transshipment river port at Miritituba, in Brazil, is seeing a rapid expansion of business, which currently involves it in providing storage for agricultural produce from the midwest to the north regions of the country.

Odebrecht Transport (OTP) and Brick Logística have put together a special purpose vehicle that will invest between $400 million and $500 million over the next two years. This will be used to purchase land and build four storage warehouses along the BR163 highway, as well as a cargo transshipment station at Miritituba on the banks of the River Tapajós and a terminal in the Vila do Conde port in Barcarena. Barges will additionally be procured.

The expectation is that this complex will be ready to handle grain as of the 2015/16 harvest at the earliest, or possibly a year later. Traffic should amount to around five million tonnes of grain annually.