Maran Dry Management Inc. (MDM) started the implementation of electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) across their fleet.
Maran Dry Management Inc. (MDM), part of the Angelicoussis Group of companies, has chosen the electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) of Prevention at Sea as part of their drive for digitalization of their ship operation. On the one hand, the system ensures efficiencies onboard their fleet and on the other hand demonstrates compliance with requirements of international conventions and Flag Registries on the use of e-Oil Record Books.
Switching from paper-based log books to the electronic record books offer clear advantages, which have been confirmed during initial trial of the software;
1. Build-in logics help seafarers in ensuring regulatory compliance by avoiding wrong entries and eliminating risk of detention or fines.
2. Alert functions notifying office personnel for uncommon recorded operations which require investigation.
3. Benchmarking & diagnostics for shaping the fleet environmental profiling.
4. One central repository for all log books available online – ensure daily access and trend analytics for ship owner, including warnings on non-compliance.
5. Customized to each vessel.
Capt Panagiotis Nikiteas DPA/ CSO / HSQE Manager at Maran Dry Management Inc. said: ’Our company vision is to be a leader in the shipping industry, deliver the best services to our customers and ensure efficient bulk cargo transportation with the highest applicable health, safety, and environmental standards. We believe the electronic log books from Prevention at Sea will help us in our digitalization focus for ship operation and support our vision on efficiency and maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards.’
Petros Achtypis, Prevention at Sea’s founder and CEO said: ’We are delighted to have been chosen by the Angelicoussis shipping Group, Greece’s largest ship owning group and one of the industry’s leading ship management companies, to deliver this vital software to their fleet. This project has commenced with the installation of the ε-ORB on the Dry Fleet with both companies working in-sync to ensure a seamless transition from paper to the e-Logbook across all vessels.’