A new, high-quality cleaning blade for use on vulcanized conveyor
belts features a special polyurethane blend and tungsten carbide
tip to deliver service life two to three times longer than
conventional urethane blades.
Designed to provide excellent cleaning performance
immediately, avoiding any break-in period, the Quick
ChangeTM (QCTM) #1 MT precleaner
from Martin Engineering maintains consistent tension without
frequent adjustment, requiringretensioning just twice a year
in most applications.
The new pre-cleaner was developed specifically for vulcanized belts with
no mechanicalsplices, and can be used at belt speeds up to 900 feet per minute
(4.6 metres per second). The heavy-duty blade is well suited for
wet, sticky material applications, and there is no limitation to the
type of material on which it can be used.
Customers will find a familiar mounting design on the new
product, with the same mounting dimensions and tensioning
pressures as the company’s popular QCTM #1 heavy-duty
pre-cleaner. Utilizing both spring and twist tensioners, the QCTM
#1 MT fits both 1- and 3-piece mainframes.
The MARTIN® QCTM #1 family of belt cleaners combines
effective carry-back removal with ‘quick-change’ one-pin
replacement of the long-lasting, one-piece blade. To introduce
product back into the product flow, the QCTM #1 MT is installed
on the face of the head pulley. On a dual cleaner system, the
new pre-cleaner is installed immediately in front of the
secondary cleaner. For applications involving
enclosed pulley chutework, the company recommends
that one of its steel, inspection doors be
Martin Engineering is a specialist in the
development and manufacture of highperformance
urethanes for specialized belt cleaning applications.
These colour-coded urethanes can be supplied in blades for any
of the company’s pre-cleaners, as well as pre-cleaner designs
from other manufacturers.
The company’s belt cleaners are employed in a wide variety of
bulk material handling applications, including coal, wood chips,
pellets, grain, rock/aggregate, cement/clinker, mining and others.
Founded in 1944, Martin Engineering is a world leader in making
bulk materials handling cleaner, safer and more productive. The
firm is headquartered in Neponset, IL, with global reach from
operations in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico,
South Africa, Turkey and the UK.