The company Maquinas Condor is based in the south of Brazil, in Porto Alegre. It has been in
business for 56 years, and serves the grain and agribusiness market — it handles commodities including soy, corn, bran, sugar and fertilizers. It is also active in the metals and mining industries through its partner company ISOMONTE, which is based in Contagem/MG, in central Brazil.
The main equipment manufactured by Maquinas Condor includes: shiploaders, ship-unloaders, belt conveyors, conveyor elevators, bucket elevators, as well as stackers and reclaimers for stockyards.
Maquinas Condor does business with huge companies such as Bunge, Cargill, ADM, Dreyfus, Noble, and so on, in ports. It also works with smaller clients that carry out overflow operations for these major players.
In the mining market, Maquinas Condor works through ISOMONTE, and its main clients in this sector include Vale, MBR, etc. providing stackers, reclaimers and belt conveyors.
Currently, the company is about to complete work on two terminal integration projects for VLI in the mid-north of Brazil; here, grains are collected from trucks and transported to ports using railcars. Maquinas Condor is also close to completing work on a special conveyor that receives product from barges and loads ships at Nueva Palmira, Uruguay; this conveyor is for the Noble Group.
Maquinas Condor is always striving to be competitive in the market, and to provide high-quality equipment at low investment and maintenance costs.