Mantsinen Group has established a subsidiary in Sweden. The aim is to serve local customers more efficiently and to improve the service experience of customers.

“For 15 years Sweden has been one of our largest markets, and we want to keep it as a ‘domestic market’ by getting closer to our customers. The trust of customers in our machines and services has been earned by doing our work well over these years,” says Mia Mantsinen,Vice President of the 

Material Handling Machinery unit.
Mantsinen AB will be headquartered in the Gothenburg region. In late autumn, a service engineer will begin work in the company, and more employees will be hired next year.

This year Mantsinen has already delivered four machines to Sweden, the latest of which is the Mantsinen 120M to be delivered to the port of Kalmar in October.

“Mantsinen's presence in Sweden with its own organization is a significant long-term step in the development of our company. Mantsinen is also playing a major role in terms of the constantly increasing efficiency requirements at our bulk harbour,” says Mats Gustafsson, CEO of the Port of Kalmar.

Founded in 1974, Mantsinen currently employs 450 people and present operations are divided into two business units: Logistic Services and Material Handling Machinery.

Mantsinen also has a subsidiary in Russia, which employs more than 200 people.