Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy is extending its production capacity at Rauma in Finland. The company’s Material Handling Machinery unit is setting up a new assembly unit in September 2018, in premises which have been leased from Euroports Rauma Oy. This move is part of the company’s long-term growth strategy, which in particular is aimed at enhancing the delivery logistics of its exports.
Growth over time through dedicated work:
Mantsinen has significantly extended its global distribution network over the last few years, and the results of this hard work can be seen in the volume of orders being received and in the positive momentum in the global investment business. The extension of production facilities allows it to considerably increase its production volumes. “The hydraulic port crane we developed is growing in popularity in markets around the world. Entering into new market areas places increasing demands upon our delivery chain, and so it’s a natural step for us to start assembling our machines near the sea because these days we are far more often shipping assembled equipment by sea,” says Mia Mantsinen, the company’s Managing Director.
One foot in the forest, one foot on the sea shore:
Mantsinen has been known for over 55 years as a developer of terminal logistics for the forestry industry. The company is also the wood yard operator for Metsä Fibre’s Äänekoski and Rauma pulp mills. In the 2000s, Mantsinen added a second business unit alongside the service unit. Employing over 150 members of staff, the machinery unit’s product portfolio ranges from heavy hydraulic material handling machinery to port cranes, together with associated attachments and life-cycle services.
“We are keeping our main office and product development functions in Liperi, eastern Finland, although this expansion means that other functions could also partially be based in Rauma. However, at the initial phase we are going to focus on the assembly of our products and shipping,” Mia Mantsinen continues.
The company has also started a development project at its Liperi production facilities and this will gather speed in 2019 and 2020. Recruitment is part of the daily work at Mantsinen: “We have recruited more than 30 people in Liperi during the past three years, but we plan to proceed more gradually in Rauma,” adds Mia Mantsinen.
Working with partners:
Both Euroports Rauma and the Port of Rauma, which is responsible for managing the port area, have been Mantsinen’s partners for a long time. “Mantsinen Group was already familiar to us as a provider of cranes. We are happy to hear that our collaboration is about to become even deeper, because Mantsinen chose Rauma and Euroports’ industrial facilities as the base for their extended operations,” says Juha Rehmonen, Account Manager at Euroports Rauma. The Managing Director of the Port of Rauma, Hannu Asumalahti, is likewise pleased to hear that Mantsinen chose Rauma. “I believe that the Port of Rauma can offer good logistics premises and room to produce and deliver cranes around the world.”
First deliveries to Uruguay:
Mia Mantsinen explains that the first delivery from the new premises is destined for Uruguay, as the company is providing material handling machinery for raw materials logistics to the Montes del Plata pulp mill within the next 12 months. The delivery consists of 12 hydraulic cranes that help ensure that the raw materials logistics for the pulp mill, which is able to produce 1.4 million tonnes of pulp, run well and smoothly.