There are various methods to store hard and soft bulk commodities, each with their own challenges. The majority of hard bulk is stored in the open. The constant movement of stock is the foremost challenge associated with managing bulk inventory stored in this manner. Mines, power stations and bulk handlers however still employ this storage method due to the flexibility, functionality and cost saving that it affords.

Moment-in-time volume surveys are often commissioned to obtain accurate moment in time inventory volume data to aid with the management of bulk stored in the open. Ronin’s AIMS® survey is a highly accurate independent survey service that delivers a moment in time snap shot of bulk commodity inventory in storage. An AIMS® surveys report offers important information such as volumes, densities and mass .Though effective and highly advantageous for collateral management and independent reporting required by brokers and financial institutions, this method is limited by cost, duration and frequency of surveys. Therefore the AIMS® solution and other moment-in-time methods such as aerial surveys and drive through scans are not effective as a daily management tools and will prove cost prohibitive if a bulk handler, manager or trader requires an elevated level of control over bulk inventory that can only be achieved by obtaining daily volume reports.

Enter the ARTEMIS® 300 solution. An industry revolutionizing system that arguably represents the most cost effective and accurate, permanently installed daily quantification solution available on the market today. The ARTEMIS® 300 is an hardware and software solution that requires minimal

operator input to ensure accurate daily reporting of bulk inventory volumes. The ARTEMIS® 300 hardware element is a multi-axis 3D surface scanning, non-ignition laser architecture, that is capable of sourcing 3D spatial data up to 300m in high saturation environments. Ronin’s proprietary software,AIMS® & ART®, provide the processing crunch required to interpret and accurately report sourced volume data on a daily basis.

AIMS® software lies at the core of the ARTEMIS 300 solution. The application shares its name with the company’s survey solution, for which it was originally developed, and acts as middleware to inform theARTEMIS’s® frontendreporting element (ART®) with highly accurate volume data. These high levels of accuracy are made possible without requiring manual editing of scans thanks to the years of development, field trailing and operations that Ronin® invested into it’sART®,ART+®, AIMS® and ARTEMIS® 40 bulk quantification solutions.

Over a decade of experience has been distilled into the apex solution that is ARTEMIS® 300 to ensure that your valuable bulk inventory receives the attention required to mitigate losses associated with open air storage by delivering the elevated level of control that only daily volume reporting can offer.

The ARTEMIS® 300 bulk commodity inventory management solution is available internationally and is offered with full training and support.