FAM Fo¨rderanlagen Magdeburg has successfully commissioned a handling system for the terminal of the Port of Mamonal in Colombia.The use of modern conveyor technology helps transport and load resources efficiently, safely and in environmentally friendly ways.

On 27 February 2016, Colombia’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, opened the Mamonal seaport terminal in Cartagena. In his speech, the president referred to the project tied to investments of a total of $160 million as an infrastructural revolution that will expand the export opportunities of his country and immensely improve its competitiveness. The new port has created some 500 new jobs and another 470 directly or indirectly connected with port operations. This new investment into the port’s modernization will help make transportation and loading processes more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly.

FAM’s handling system for coal and metcoke forms the heart of the transport complex of FAM’s client, Puerto de Mamonal S.A. (PMSA). The installed system comprises the following equipment for handling bulk material:


  • one 750tph (tonnes per hour) stacker, type ST 750.40;
  • two 2,750tph portal scrapers, type KP 2750.50;
  • five 2,750tph belt conveyors; and
  • one 2,750tph radial-type quadrant shiploader, type SLRQ 2750.76/28 OX.


Trucks transport the bulk material to the port where they are unloaded using tilting platforms. Coal /metcoke is stacked using the FAM stacker at a stacking rate of 750tph/600tph. The cascade chute installed at the tip of the boom not only helps to decrease dust but also to optimize the flow velocity of the material and to facilitate a softer landing to ensure that the grain size of the bulk material remains largely undamaged.

The FAM portal scraper reclaims the material at a maximum reclaiming rate of 2,750tph for coal and 1,350tph for metcoke. Ships are loaded using the radially movable shiploader, which has a maximum loading capacity of 2,750tph. The shiploader is suitable for loading ships of up to 70,000dwt without moving them.

The order also included basic engineering, detailed engineering, manufacturing, preparation and packing of the material and machine components for sea transport, sea transport, assembly management and supervision, commissioning and testing of the system.


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