Chronos BTH Limited has several bagging systems installed
with a leading provider of food, beverage and speciality
chemical ingredients. In summer 2009 this company had a
requirement for a seed bagging system.
In less than six weeks after contract signing Chronos BTH
Limited was able to act promptly and supported this existing
customer with the installation and commissioning of a simple
bagging line, which meets all of the company’s operating
This bagging line that was supplied incorporated a
CHRONO-WEIGHT H17E electronic bagging weigher.
Operating on a gross weighing principle the H17E is a fully
automatic bagger with a pneumatically operated bag spout for
manual bag placing and is controlled by the SpeedAC NXT
high accuracy weighing controller. Downstream of the H17E
is a transfer conveyor with stitcher, bag kicker and manual
palletizing conveyor.
Chronos BTH Limited engineered the solution, then
installed and commissioned the simple bagging system in time
for the customer to meet its obligations and pack the first
batch of product on time.
The CHRONO-WEIGHT H17E automatic bagging weigher
has a full-loadcell design and is suitable for bagging a range of
free-flowing materials into various types of open-mouth bags.
Compatible for existing H17 mechanical weigher installations,
the H17E can be retrofitted without major modifications to
existing support steelwork.
Chronos BTH Limited incorporates Richard Simon
Limited, Verville and Premier Tech Systems for European
spares, refurbishments, service, installation and commissioning.