In the past months LogSys has seen its software successfully
go live at no fewer than three terminals. The three terminals
handle a variety of dry bulk commodities and all use
LGS.Stevedore as their main terminal operating system,
completed with LogSys’s payroll management system,
LGS.Payroll, and LGS.E-Connect, the customer portal that
comes with LGS.Stevedore as a standard module.
LGS.Stevedore has gone live at:
  •   Euroports Terminals Gent (formerly known as Manuport Gent): a bulk terminal that mainly handles minerals and fertilizers and specializes in bulk in/bulk out flows;
  •   Euroports Terminals Antwerp – Division Manufert (formerly known as Manuport Antwerp – Division Manufert): a bulk terminal that specializes in the handling of sugar, including value-added services like bagging;
  • and  Westerlund Bulk Terminals: a bulk terminal, situated in the Port of Antwerp, focused on the handling of Kaolin.
LogSys NV is a Belgian IT company with a strong
international focus on port logistics. LogSys not only develops
software for port terminals but also offers a wide range of
supporting services like custom software development,
infrastructure services and outsourcing. As well as its head
office in Antwerp, its also has local offices in Varna (Bulgaria)
and Rouen (France).
LGS.Stevedore is a browser-based application designed and
developed to manage port terminals. No matter what type of
products, warehouses, activities or customers, LGS.Stevedore
can adapt to different business processes through an
innovative way of working. LGS.Stevedore is suited for dry
bulk, breakbulk, general cargo and multipurpose terminals.