Logistec USA Inc. (“Logistec”), a subsidiary of Logistec Corporation [TSX: LGT.A and LGT.B], has signed a definitive agreement with Gulf Coast Bulk Equipment, Inc. (“GCBE”). Under the terms of the agreement, the companies have formed a new joint venture, Logistec Gulf Coast LLC, to consolidate and expand their bulk cargo handling services in the U.S. Southeast and Gulf region.

“GCBE and Logistec both provide efficient, customized logistics solutions. Joining together will allow us to increase our market coverage and operational resources to better serve our customers throughout Florida and the U.S. Gulf,” said Madeleine Paquin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Logistec. “Logistec and GCBE will provide a seamless transition for clients and partners at all American ports at which we operate, including Port Manatee and the Port Redwing facility at Port Tampa Bay.”

Logistec Gulf Coast LLC will handle bulk cargo at various locations in Florida, Louisiana, and along the Mississippi River.

“This new joint venture is a great opportunity for us and our customers will be the first ones to benefit from our partnership with Logistec,” said Richard D. Tager, President of GCBE. “We are both committed to delivering quality services, building a strong network, and growing our business in the U.S. Southeast and Gulf region.”

Logistec has been operating in the United States for more than 20 years and has been handling containers and break-bulk cargo in Port Manatee since 2003. GCBE was established in 2008 and handles bulk products in Port Manatee, Tampa Bay, and other regional ports.

About Logistec

Logistec Corporation is based in Montre´al (Que´bec) and provides specialized services to the marine community and industrial companies. It offers bulk, break-bulk and container cargo handling in some 30 ports and 40 terminals located in eastern North America. In addition, Logistec offers marine transportation and cargo services geared principally to the Arctic coastal trade, short-line rail transportation services, as well as marine agency services to foreign shipowners and operators serving the Canadian market.

Logistec also operates in the environmental sector where it provides services to industrial, municipal and governmental customers for the trenchless structural rehabilitation of underground water mains, regulated materials management, site remediation, risk assessment, and manufacturing of woven hoses.

A public company since 1969, Logistec’s shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker symbols LGT.A and LGT.B.