• Liebherr delivered a fully electrical LPS 420 portal slewing crane to AB Fortum Va¨rme, co-owned with City of Stockholm
  • Risavika Terminals is about to increase container throughput with new LHM 420
  • Port of Aabenraa opted for an LHM 550 with tandem lift software Sycratronic®

Rostock (Germany), April 2016 The recent deliveries of three Liebherr mobile harbour cranes underline the strong demand for innovative cargo handling solutions in the Scandinavian region, tailor-made by Liebherr.

37 years after the first delivery of a Liebherr mobile harbour crane to Scandinavia the demand for Liebherr products remains constant. In 2015 three Liebherr mobile harbour cranes have been delivered to Scandinavia. With these forward-looking investments the Scandinavian market made a consequent commitment to modern and environmentally friendly technology from Liebherr.

Innovative technology for special requirements

The Swedish energy company Fortum Va¨rme was searching for a reliable solution to unload bio fuel for its new combined heat and power plant in Stockholm, Sweden. Although the energy company was initially not searching for a mobile harbour crane, Liebherr’s Swedish sales team offered them a powerful material handling solution out of the maritime product portfolio. Knowing that a Liebherr mobile harbour crane mounted on a portal can fulfil or even exceed the customers’ requirements, a Liebherr portal slewing crane LPS 420 was offered to Fortum Va¨rme.

The crane is installed very close to the city centre of Stockholm hence very close to residential areas. Very strict requirements not only in regards to the noise level, but also in regards to the appearance of the whole machine had to be fulfilled. Furthermore Fortum Va¨rme defined very strict performance guarantee on the whole bio fuel supply unit to guarantee lowest possible downtimes, because up to 190.000 households in 

Stockholm rely on the on the combined heating and power plant being operational at all times.

In order to comply with the requirements Liebherr delivered a fully electric driven portal slewing crane, type LPS 420. The four-rope machine has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 124 tonnes and a maximum outreach of 48 metres. Fitted with a 50m3 Verstegen grab and Liebherrs hybrid drive system Pactronic® the LPS 420 is able to efficiently unload up to 2.240m3 bulk per hour.

“We have the highest demands regarding quality for all equipment suppliers for our combined bio power and heating plant. The crane is going to be used for many years to come, and therefore it feels satisfying that the crane is delivered from one of the biggest suppliers at the market, who has many years of experience for this type of equipment,” said Mats Stro¨mberg, Head Project Leader for Fortum Va¨rme’s new bio power and heating plant.

A special feature of the crane is the elevator, which provides easy access for the crane operator. The elevator was manufactured by the Swedish company Alimak, which is specialized on industry elevators. Alimak installed the elevator in close cooperation with Liebherr engineers.

Risavika Terminals want to increase container throughput

Risavika Terminals, located near Stavanger in Western Norway, wants to further increase its container throughput. Risavika Terminals has already operated an LHM 320 for more than 12000 working hours. Risavika crane drivers and terminal representatives are fully satisfied with the performance and the reliability of the Liebherr crane. As a substitute for the LHM 320 they opted for a new mobile harbour crane, type LHM 420.

The two-rope LHM 420 is equipped with a 670kW MAN diesel engine and will be mainly used for container handling and heavy lift operation. The machine is also fitted with Liebherr’s telematics system LiDAT® which supplies various operational data, e.g. positioning of the machine, periods of operation and use, fuel consumption and also 

service interval details. Liebherrs unique Cycoptronic® anti-swing system, which automatically helps the crane driver to avoid unintended movements of the goods under hook, is also on board.

LHM 550 to suit new needs

The Port of Aabenraa is the fastest growing Danish harbour in terms of cargo handling. The port acts as a loading and unloading hub for the entire Baltic Sea and is one of Liebherrs long-time customers in Scandinavia.

Over the last three years the demand for heavy lift operation at the port increased rapidly. Therefore, the port of Aabenraa decided to swap their existing LHM 280 for a stronger model, a new LHM 550. The 4-rope machine is driven by a 750kW Liebherr diesel engine which complies with the latest emission standards Tier 4 final / stage IV. With a maximum lifting capacity of up to 144 tonnes the crane will be mainly used for bulk operations and heavy lifts. Equipped with Liebherrs tandem lift software Sycratronic®the crane can be synchronised with Aabenraa’s already existing LHM 320.

Long term partnership

When it comes to service, speed and reliability are essential elements for every customer. Liebherr Maritime Cranes fully understands the value of a quick response to reduce down time and restore LHM productivity straight away. To benefit from the Liebherr customer service the three Scandinavian customers (FORTUM, Risavika Terminals and the Port of Aabenraa) signed a service agreement with Liebherr. The fast availability of spare parts and service engineers ensures high productivity for each terminal. With these forward-looking investments the entrepreneurs of all three companies made a consequent commitment to a long-term partnership with Liebherr Maritime Cranes.