Legacy Building Solutions is proud to announce the addition of a new and exclusive fabric, ExxoTecTM, to their customized tension fabric structure offerings. ExxoTecTM is a premium PVC fabric with superior strength and performance characteristics and a highly competitive price.

There are two types of ExxoTecTM fabric available: 765 g. ExxoTecTM Elite and 539 g. ExxoTecTM Pro. Both varieties are available in five colors: White, Navy Blue, Green, Tan and Gray. The per- square-foot cost of ExxoTecTM is similar to competitive PE and PVC fabrics.

With ExxoTec, Legacy is able to offer a premium fabric at a price that creates exceptional value for our customers,” said Nathan Stobbe, general manager of Legacy Building Solutions. “Customers won’t have to choose between the highest-quality fabric and the most cost effective fabric.”

As part of Legacy’s quality control testing, ExxoTecTM fabric was independently tested for factors including initial strength and strength after weathering. ExxoTecTM Elite is twice as strong as 340 g. PE fabric, and ExxoTec Pro is 41% stronger than 340 g 12 oz
Rate: 1 oz = 28.35 g
. PE
and it retains nearly all of its strength after years of exposure to the elements.

Stobbe emphasized the importance of ExxoTec’s characteristics of strength and longevity. “Combined with Legacy’s patented attachment system and rigid steel frame, ExxoTec is strong enough to withstand years of daily use,” said Stobbe. On a Legacy Building Solutions Premier building, ExxoTec Elite carries a 25-year warranty and ExxoTec Pro carries a 20-year warranty.

In addition to independent testing, Legacy Building Solutions performed a strength test on the ExxoTecTM Elite fabric. Legacy suspended a fabric panel on a steel frame and drove a 4,581.3 kg. skid loader on the fabric. After the test, the fabric showed no sign of damage from the weight of the loader or the friction of the tracks.

About Legacy Building Solutions

Legacy Building Solutions manufactures, designs and installs fabric buildings on a rigid steel frame. The company’s mission is to provide innovative structure and service solutions that solve the needs of clients and partners. Legacy fabric structures are used for bulk storage, military shelters, aviation hangars and sports centers, among others.